DIY Miniature “Corrugated Steel” from Aluminum Sheeting

How to Make Miniature Corrugated Steel | Lindsay Aarons


Corrugated steel has a special place in my heart ever since my brother and I hid under a piece of it in a lightning storm because we wanted to watch the rain and our mom told us not to get wet. It’s really a miracle we made it to adulthood….

This miniature “corrugated steel” is so easy! I was pretty proud of myself for even thinking of it. 🙂

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What You Need to Make Miniature “Corrugated Steel”

  • Aluminum sheeting (I used this)
  • Scissors or a razor to cut the aluminum
  • Colored pencils

How to Make Miniature “Corrugated Steel” from Aluminum Sheeting:

  1. Cut the aluminum sheet to size (making sure to account for the extra needed for the corrugation)
  2. Wrap the sheet around the top of a colored pencil, pressing the sheet into place. Put the next pencil on top of the sheet and wrap it up around, forming a “wave” in the metal. Continue this pattern.

    How to Make Miniature Corrugated Steel | Dainty & Sweet

  3. And that’s it! Sooooo easy! 🙂
How to Make Miniature Corrugated Steel | Dainty & Sweet