How Much of a Worrier Are You?




The Penn State Worry Questionnaire was developed in 1990 by Meyer, Miller, Metzger, and Borkovec to serve as a tool to measure self-reporting of worrying. You will be asked to rate yourself on a scale of 1 (“not at all typical of me”) to 5 (“very typical of me”) for 16 questions.

There are no right or wrong answers. Do not spend too long on any one question.

This quiz is not intended to be a diagnostic tool, and you should talk to a mental health professional if you are worried about your results.

Answer the questions below, then click Submit.

1. If I do not have enough time to do everything, I do not worry about it
2. My worries overwhelm me.
3. I do not tend to worry about things.
4. Many situations make me worry.
5. I know I should not worry about things, but I just cannot help it.
6. When I am under pressure I worry a lot.
7. I am always worrying about something.
8. I find it easy to dismiss worrisome thoughts.
9. As soon as I finish one task, I start to worry about everything else I have to do.
10. I never worry about anything.
11. When there is nothing more I can do about a concern, I do not worry about it any more.
12. I have been a worrier all my life.
13. I notice that I have been worrying about things.
14. Once I start worrying, I cannot stop.
15. I worry all the time.
16. I worry about projects until they are all done.