How to Make a Miniature Nikon Camera with a Strap

Inspired by this post on making a miniature camera from polymer clay, I decided to add a leather strap to make my miniature camera a wearable accessory for a Calico Critter!

Click here for ideas of scenes in which you can use this miniature camera 

What You Need to Make a Miniature Nikon Camera With a Strap:

  • Black, red, and transparent polymer clay
  • Transparent Liquid Sculpey
  • White paint (if desired for detailing)
  • 2 eyelet screws
  • Material for the strap (I used 1/4″ saddle brown leather lace)
  • Crafters glue

How to Make a Miniature Nikon Camera With a Strap:

  1. Follow the instructions in this post, sizing the camera down slightly if you want it to be 1/12″ scale.
  2. Before baking, carefully insert the eyelet screws into the top corners of the back of the camera, making sure they line up and are parallel.
  3. Bake as usual.
  4. Cut the strap to size and glue the ends down to make the neck srap. (Pro tip: if you’re making a camera strap for a Calico Critter, make sure it’ll fit over their fat heads haha.)
  5. Enjoy!
Happy crafting!