The Noble Matchmaking Series

Free Romance Series Noble Matchmaking Stories

Though the ladies of the Noble Matchmaking agency are in the business of love, they’re more used to helping others find it than finding it themselves! This series of short stories on Wattpad has more than 750,000 reads and has been described by readers as “excellently written” and “crisp, romantic, […] and amazing.”

Free romance story by Lindsay Aarons.No Match for a Millionaire (Noble Matchmaking Series #1)

Even though Riley Brennan is new to Noble Matchmaking, she’s determined to find a match for the agency’s most important — and difficult — client, Trevor McKnight, no matter how drawn to him she is. But when Riley finds herself accidentally on a date with the sexy millionaire, she must keep her wits about her or risk losing the only job she’s ever loved. Will Riley be able to match this millionaire?


Make Me a Match (Noble Matchmaking Series #2)Free Romance Story Make Me a Match by Lindsay Aarons

Underemployed Julia Cruz longs to have a real career, but her options at the Noble Matchmaking Agency are limited by her lack of experience. So when the ambitious receptionist is finally given the opportunity to play matchmaker, she’s dismayed to discover how attracted she is to her first potential client, sweet and gentle Whit Fletcher. Will Julia finally have the career she’s been longing for, or will she choose to follow her heart?